Nov 16, 2012

Ballan 3342

Recent train journeys through Ballan have revealed this unusual structure visible from the rail station, and yesterday I was ready for it and had the camera out to capture the above image. Now I know that I just needed to put (Ballan+round+house) into Search and see a much clearer picture. 
Driving through Ballan you might see at the far west end of Inglis (the main street) the amazing opshop which serves coffee and among other drolleries has a photo of Salvador Dali on the sign indicating Menswear, and an old-style women's corset around a lampshade. 
There is a sheepskin-boot shop which appears to only open Fridays and you can also get (at the very opposite end of Inglis Street) a Ploughman's Lunch from Rose Cottage next to the impressive patchwork and wools shop - Ballan's a great place.

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