Oct 31, 2012

3352 Enfield Victoria

When I saw her flat out, sound asleep and snoring, I crawled up to get what I anticipated as a quirky image, and got something completely different when she woke up.
I looked after her and her two stablemates quite a few times.  Adjacent to the huge Enfield State Forest and surrounded by thick bush,  I said to the owner departing for the two hottest summer months, that with three horses and one float, evacuation was going to be tricky in the event of a bushfire.      She said " just open the gates and let the three of them loose."
 So I got nervous a week later when I had a clear view of Meredith only 20 kms away and burning.  It was a hayshed which spontaneously combusted, but I didn't know that on Day 1 of the 4 days it burned, when I looked out the window at 8am and saw the smoke and wondered how long it would take to travel to us.  There was a close snake experience and a very close snake experience and both times I thought the Border Collie was going to get bitten.    I can now identify Whipsnakes ('there's a gold Oroton belt on the grass'?) and Green Tree Snakes - which eat sleeping birds by the way.

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  1. Happy finding your page . I love horses