Feb 13, 2019

Apr 18, 2017

3310 Merino Victoria

Stock On The Road  is a serious offence.

even the sheep know this and scooch through the hole 
in the fence every time I appear.

The owner of these Merinos is a serial offender 
despite the Shire imposing a fine of $50,000

Aug 14, 2016

3311 Casterton, Victoria

In the main street of a small country town this rivetting upper facade in the 'Art Deco' style is so Buck Rogers I have to share it.
Below the awnings is less amusing of course. I do wish people would Leave Things Alone.

Image captured after breakfast in the cafe opposite on Saturday 13th August 2016.

Jun 26, 2016

3315 Coleraine, Victoria

On the centenary of Dundas Shire's establishment, these boomerang gates were installed on the track leading to Wannon Falls on the mighty Wannon River between Hamilton and Coleraine Victoria. My ancestors were married 'in the Parish of Wannon' in 1859.

Jun 22, 2015

3309 Western District

From my windows. The light advances quite a lot in less than a minute.

Nov 16, 2012

Ballan 3342

Recent train journeys through Ballan have revealed this unusual structure visible from the rail station, and yesterday I was ready for it and had the camera out to capture the above image. Now I know that I just needed to put (Ballan+round+house) into Search and see a much clearer picture. 
Driving through Ballan you might see at the far west end of Inglis (the main street) the amazing opshop which serves coffee and among other drolleries has a photo of Salvador Dali on the sign indicating Menswear, and an old-style women's corset around a lampshade. 
There is a sheepskin-boot shop which appears to only open Fridays and you can also get (at the very opposite end of Inglis Street) a Ploughman's Lunch from Rose Cottage next to the impressive patchwork and wools shop - Ballan's a great place.

Oct 31, 2012

3352 Enfield Victoria

When I saw her flat out, sound asleep and snoring, I crawled up to get what I anticipated as a quirky image, and got something completely different when she woke up.
I looked after her and her two stablemates quite a few times.  Adjacent to the huge Enfield State Forest and surrounded by thick bush,  I said to the owner departing for the two hottest summer months, that with three horses and one float, evacuation was going to be tricky in the event of a bushfire.      She said " just open the gates and let the three of them loose."
 So I got nervous a week later when I had a clear view of Meredith only 20 kms away and burning.  It was a hayshed which spontaneously combusted, but I didn't know that on Day 1 of the 4 days it burned, when I looked out the window at 8am and saw the smoke and wondered how long it would take to travel to us.  There was a close snake experience and a very close snake experience and both times I thought the Border Collie was going to get bitten.    I can now identify Whipsnakes ('there's a gold Oroton belt on the grass'?) and Green Tree Snakes - which eat sleeping birds by the way.